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Top Tips to Blitz your Bathroom

Top Tips to Blitz your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an area which have a high volume of traffic, here are some important tips to keep your bathroom sparkling!

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Blitzing your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an area which we regularly clean, however sometimes it needs a little more attention, here are a few tips to help you do this.

Nothing worse than the shower head clogging up, regularly service this by placing in a plastic bag with white vinegar, leave overnight if possible, and you will see a noticeable difference when you have your next shower.

Its so annoying when the mirrors keep steaming up, this can be prevented, it’s unusual but try covering a mirror with shaving foam and use a microfibre cloth to remove it, repeat monthly and you will no longer have the mirrors fogging up in the bathroom.

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To help keep the toilet bowl fresh and clean, before going to bed at night, put a good disinfectant around the bowl of the toilet, this can then work overnight giving you a fresh and clean toilet in the morning, and help to alleviate any limescale which may form.

Don’t forget to clean your toilet brush!  This can easily be forgotten and is probably one of the most important.  This needs cleaning at least once a week.  Fill the brush container with hot, soapy water and add a few drops of bleach or disinfectant, place the brush into this mixture, then throw away down the toilet.  Wash the brush with clean water and place back in the container.

Professional Cleaning

If you really want your bathroom blitzed by professionals then why not give us a call, we offer a one off deep clean of your property.  This is an exceptionally thorough clean of your property, to include skirting boards, inside’s of windows, inside kitchen cupboards, all the grouting between tiles and much more, for more information on this service please contact us on 01727 828875 or click the link below.

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10 Signs it’s time to get a cleaner

10 Signs it’s time to get a Cleaner!

To be perfectly honest I struggle finding the time to give my home a proper clean and it’s not really something I enjoy!  10 Signs you need a cleaner!

I’d much rather be spending quality time with my family and like many other’s probably ignore the signs that I really should think about getting domestic help.

I need to admit defeat and get a cleaner!

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The signs you need to look out for are simple, can you remember the last time you actually cleaned your home?

You feel there’s not enough time in the day to relax let alone clean your home.

Febreeze is your best friend!

You avoid inviting friends over.

There’s dirt sticking to your socks from the floors not being cleaned.

The plug in the shower hasn’t been unblocked in ages.

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You need help with the laundry and have run out of the essentials!

The kids are being taught a new game, clean the house!

Light switches are grubby!

And finally …. you order rather a lot of takeaways to avoid cooking and having to clear up!

If you can relate to any of this then we’re the ones to help you!


SelClene St Albans Ltd

SelClene St Albans Ltd offers a weekly domestic cleaning service together with our excellent one off deep clean.

Our cleaners are fully vetted and must have experience of cleaning properties.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a top spec cleaning service, and office staff who are only too willing to help you find the perfect cleaner.

I have no excuse, I work for a cleaning company who has access to over 200 cleaners on their database, what yours?

Why not give us a try?  Start with a deep clean then move onto a weekly clean this will keep on top of all the areas of your home, used on a daily basis.

If you would like further details please contact us on 01727 828875 where our friendly office staff are only too happy to assist you.

Or alternatively click on the icon below and we will respond to your enquiry.

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Tips for keeping your floors clean from muddy footprints

Tips for keeping your floors clean from muddy footprints

This time of year our floors can take a real battering with the family and pets traipsing through.  Here are some top tips for cleaning all different types of flooring.


Lino can be quite difficult to clean and dirt can become ingrained in it.  Lino is made up of linseed oil, resin, limestone, wood fibre and cork, which are all natural products.

Mix up a solution of washing up liquid and water, spray the lino in sections then wipe with a micro fibre cloth.


Laminate flooring is very popular but difficult to maintain the appearance.  If water goes under the flooring this can start to ruin the look.

Vacuum the laminate, picking up loose debris, then using a dry mop, clean the surface.  To remove muddy marks use a damp cloth on the area, this will ensure no water goes under the flooring.

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Tips for cleaning muddy footprints


Hardwood is very hygienic and easy to clean as the surface has been sealed.

Gently vacuum the surface, by hoovering on a lower setting this will ensure the surface isn’t scratched.

Mop using a mild detergent and a damp mop, try not to use too much water as this will remain on the surface and need to cleared using a cloth.

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Too much water can damage hardwood flooring

Natural Stone

Stone flooring either needs a specialist cleaner or just diluted washing up liquid.  Using a product with too much acid in will damage the stone.

First vacuum the area then mop, again do not saturate the stones.

Weekly and Regular Domestic house cleaners

SelClene Herts

SelClene Herts & Bucks is a domestic cleaning company who provide cleaners within the local area.

All our cleaners are fully vetted and covered by our insurance.

To book a cleaner call our Sales line on 01727 828875

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Put the spring back into your appliances

Put the spring back into your appliances

Spring clean your appliances make them feel like new again!

Its easy to forget these appliances when doing a spring clean of your property, so make them feel loved again by showing them some attention.

Smile - you don't have to hand wash that shower curtain ever again!

Spring clean your appliances

To ensure they are working properly take some time to give them a thorough clean, you know you would be lost without them!

First the washing machine …

Remove the soap drawer, this always needs maintaining, give it a thorough wash and then wipe over with white vinegar this will remove any bacteria.

The next thing is to tackle the rubber edging that runs around the drum, quite often this is where fluff and mould collect, clean the rubber edging thoroughly and then wipe over with white vinegar.

To disinfect the drum set your washing machine to a high temperature  and then add a cup of white vinegar.

The filter is a trickier job, this can become clogged with anything.  Make sure you have plenty of towels and a bowl as water will come out of the filter area when the filter is removed.  Give the filter a good clean and replace.

Then the dishwasher …

The edges of the machine are usually missed, so using a damp cloth wipe these over and then wipe again with white vinegar.

I’m sure you always do remove debris from the drain, but check to see before taking this out and running it under hot water to remove anything left in it, then replace it.

The spinning arms have water holes which can sometimes not work properly as food items maybe blocking them, the ideal item to unblock these is a tooth pick, once this has been carried out rinse with warm water.

The detergent and rinse aid compartment needs a wipe over. Replace or top up your machine with salt and rinse aid and your good to go!


SelClene St Albans Ltd

For all your domestic cleaning requirements call SelClene St Albans Ltd on 01727 828875, we offer weekly cleaning and one off cleans at a very competitive rate!