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Living in St Albans and Want a Local Cleaner?

Why we try to source only local cleaners:

If you are looking for a reliable, professional cleaning service then having a local cleaner is a must. If travel time is kept to a minimum then cleaners are happier in their work. Happy cleaners usually means happy clients! We aim to keep the cleaners working locally in order to keep reliability levels high. Sourcing local St Albans cleaners is a key point of our service. There is a good source of local St Albans cleaners. St Albans is also surrounded by satellite villages which are a great source of cleaners.

What this means in real terms:

  • Cleaners have a short travel time to work and aren’t worrying about heavy traffic, unpaid time or high petrol costs. Often walking is a viable option for them.
  • A St Albans cleaner has a better grasp of the local area.
  • The cleaner is less likely to drop out early on.
  • The chances of being late for work are greatly reduced.

St Albans can be a busy area during rush hour so another way of improving reliability is to choose a time slot after 9.30 and before 3.00 p.m. This can benefit both client and cleaner.

Remember all the cleaners are fully vetted for honesty and reliability and the service is insured. If your cleaner is away we also have an excellent cover service. Meeting you first also helps discuss what you need from your cleaner before starting.

Call us now to enquire about getting a local St Albans Cleaner

We are happy to discuss your location and needs with you to get you the right cleaner. Call 01727 828875 to speak to our friendly staff. Click here to enquire about getting a local St Albans cleaner.

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