Our History

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SelClene St Albans – Our History

Picture a family getting stressed at life. Picture full time working parents with children who missed their mother. Picture getting stressed at having to clean and cook and work and have a happy family all at once.

Blandine, our visionary director was in exactly this situation, working full time as a bookkeeper. She wanted more from life and more time with her kids. When looking into new careers she looked into various franchises and small business opportunities. How could she not be drawn into a small cleaning franchise that would have answered some of her needs.

And so… SelClene St Albans was born…

In a small house in Sandridge, Blandine got to work. Working part time to start with to keep money coming in she started off with 1 St Albans client and 1 St Albans cleaner. How exciting that first client was! Soon another joined, and another. It took only a few short months to get to 30 clients. Back in these days she would often have to cover for cleaner absences herself adding to the long day’s work.

A year in and Blandine has worked so hard she is able to quit her part time job… but the work is far from over. Leafleting herself and bringing her daughter along to help, the client numbers steadily grew. Soon the work was too much for one person and a new member of staff was brought in to help. Part time at first but with client numbers heading over 100 this soon went to full time.

Problems arise

All this in a 3-bed house with a little office extension. Things couldn’t continue. Meal times were interrupted; Cleaners coming in for interviews were scared of the dog and family life was getting strained. But could SelClene take that step to moving into offices? There didn’t seem to be a choice. With 2 new members of staff and 300+ clients a decision had to be made.

The beginning of big things (2002)

A new office, more staff and more knowledge. The big move has been made. We are now a fully fledged office based off London Road in St Albans. Over the next three years we take on 2 more staff members. We take another big step by increasing our area to cover Stevenage and Watford postcodes. We climb up to 500 clients and 100 cleaners. Things tick on and we move offices again to London Colney in 2005.

Today – Where Our History has brought us to

Blandine is the managing director of a thriving cleaning franchise. We have over 900 clients and 300 cleaners. We get regular cards, thank you letters, emails and even occasionally chocolates from our clients appreciating the work that we do. Not only do we cover St Albans, Watford and Stevenage postcodes but we have now also increased to include parts of the Buckinghamshire area.

And we wouldn’t have done any of it without our AMAZING cleaners and staff. 9 staff members to keep everyone happy, sell the service and keep clients allocated. Over 300 cleaners to do their hard work keeping Hertfordshire houses ship shape for their clients.


Finally, a massive thank you to all our clients, current and lapsed over the past 18 years who have put us where we are today. We are very proud of our history and how we came to be here.