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Housekeeping Services across Hertfordshire

Following feedback from our existing and newly aquired clients we have recently added a housekeeping service for those clients who need a little more than just a cleaner.

This service is available from 5 hours per week up to 35 hours per week, with one cleaner or two depending on what you need doing and how long it will take.

Our housekeepers can come in twice a week, three times a week or Monday-Friday based on your requirements.

This service covers your household needs so that you do not need to worry about daily chores. If you are working full time, are abroad a lot, are unwell or incapacitated this may be the ideal service for you.

The housekeeping service includes:

  • Cleaning.
  • Ironing.
  • General tidying, clearing after meals and / or dinner parties.
  • Washing-up / dishwasher use.
  • Laundry service, washing, folding, hanging clothes and putting them away.
  • Emptying bins and sorting recycling.
  • Organising wardrobes, drawers and cupboards.
  • Cleaning the fridge and discarding out of date items.
  • Wiping the oven after every use.
  • Polishing brass, silver and furniture.
  • Buffing / polishing / buffing of hard floors.
  • Watering plants.

As with the weekly service, all the housekeepers are fully vetted and insured for major damages and breaks within the property. When your housekeeper is on holiday we can provide cover for you for all or part of the time. The housekeeping service is available to everyone in the areas that we cover.

Please be aware that finding the right cleaner for you can take a couple of weeks as it is more than a cleaning role and needs to be with the right person for you.

Please call us on 01727 828875 as we will need to discuss the ins and outs with each client on an individual basis. Click here to email us for a call back. We will come and visit you first to make sure that we can cater for your specific needs.