Holiday Cover Cleaning

Holiday Cover Cleaning

Summer is fast approaching and cleaners holiday dates are beginning to come in slowly. If your cleaner hasn’t mentioned any holiday dates, check their plans with them. Let us know about your cover cleaning needs as soon as possible.

Holiday cover

Getting away over the summer? Let us know!

We have a really good cover service across the areas but it is our busiest time of year for the cover service, the more notice the better! We will try and cover you for a similar timeslot to your existing cleaner but if this is not possible then we may need to liaise with you to find something convenient. Please be patient with us while we try to accommodate everyone!

If you are not sure then you can contact us at any time. 01727 828877; or by contact form.

If you are on holiday:

  • If you want weekly cleaning as normal then just let your cleaner know and carry on as usual. Holidays are a great opportunity to catch up on things like windows, skirting boards etc. There is often not the time for these things every week but when the house is empty is a great time to get these chores done.
  • If you do not want your cleaner while you are away please give them as much notice as possible. Many cleaners rely on their clients for a regular income. We will have many cover cleaning jobs available for cleaners so knowing in advance if they will be free will mean we are more likely to be able to get them a replacement.
  • If you and your cleaner are away at the same time, but you wish to have cover cleaning let us know in the usual way. Notice needed as keys would need to be arranged.
Summer cleaning work

Summer holiday cover cleaning work

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