Unexpected Guests and the House is a mess!

How to clean your House in 10 minutes when unexpected guests call

That dreaded phone call, we’re 10 minutes away can we pop in?  You look around your home and you realise the house is a mess!

How are you going to clean this in 10 minutes?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve in such a short time:-

Start in your kitchen, clear any clutter and put in a cupboard or drawer, clear the draining board.

Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or pop under the sink

Wipe down all surfaces placing any crumbs etc in the bin, put dirty tea towels in the washing machine and replace with clean ones.

De-clutter the living room, putting magazines in the rack or a cupboard, place any papers, letters or bits and bobs in the laundry basket.

Straighten throws, cushions etc, wipe dust off of surfaces and any marks on the furniture.

Unexpected guests, place dirty plates in the dishwasher

Give the bathroom and toilet a quick clean, remembering to clean the mirrors and taps, hide any dirty towels and bath mats in the bath and pull the shower curtain round.

Remember to hang a fresh towel

Hoover round making sure all bits are picked up.

Make sure everything you have stashed away cannot be seen and spray the rooms to air freshener

Thanks for your amazing work!

Good Job

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