We have many customers across Herts & Bucks, who use our excellent and thorough cleaning service. If you book a cleaner through us, you will be assured of:


Once our cleaners commit to working for SelClene, they must be able to make the same commitment each week on a long term basis. We only select reliable cleaners with a proven track record in previous employment.


As the majority of our cleaners are left to work unsupervised in the clients’ home, we must be sure of their integrity. We are very strict with the vetting of our cleaners.  All cleaners must provide proof of identity (passport or photo driving licence),  proof of current address (a recent utility bill) and National Insurance number (card, payslip or HMRC document) next of kin details and written references, which are then verified.  All this information must be complete before a cleaner can be allocated to a client.


When recruiting new cleaners, we ideally select experienced house cleaners for our clients. However, everyone is given the chance to apply and if applicants can offer commitment, reliability and show a genuine interest for cleaning they will be given the opportunity to work for SelClene.


Cleaning & Ironing is not the career choice of many! We must accept that cleaners do come and go and that some clients will be reallocated when their cleaner leaves. Although many people find cleaning an easy choice to make for selecting part time work, it is not however easy work.

Mirror cleaning and hoovering
ironing service

Continuity of the service

If the cleaner leaves, is ill or on holiday, every effort is made to arrange a cover cleaner.


We insist on our cleaners keeping us up to date with their clients’ start dates. If the cleaner has any concerns they can call our office at any time, we are always ready to offer advice and assistance where necessary. Our cleaners also must keep in touch with their clients. If they run out of cleaning products they must let their clients know. Also, if they are unwell or have a planned holiday they must let their client know and find out if cover is required, they then must report to the SelClene office.


We offer a clocking in and out system to all our clients. When the cleaner arrives at the property he/she will use the client’s phone to log in and then log out when they have finished cleaning. This advanced system monitors timekeeping, to ensure your cleaner works the correct hours. Timesheets also need to be filled in.

You put your feet up while we do the cleaning for you!