We are always looking for more cleaners across the areas of Hertfordshire as our existing cleaners become full on the days that are available.

If you know of anyone who would like of work as a cleaner in their local area then please let us know.

We offer £30.00 to each referring cleaner once their recommended friend has been with us for more than two months. We cover AL1-10, EN6, HP1-8, HP16-23, LU2, SG1-7, SG12-18, WD1-25 and welcome all referrals in these areas.

We have more work available on Fridays and Thursdays than any other day so people who have availability on these days will build their hours up quicker.

Please ask your friend to call recruitment on 01727 828876 and download our referral voucher and send it in to us and you will receive your £30.00 when the cleaner has been with us for more than 2 months.


If any of your client’s have run out of Worker’s Earning Receipt forms then please call us on 01727 828877 for replacements.

Alternatively you can download the forms here but they will not be in triplicate.

Please do ensure you use these at all your clients – your holiday pay may depend on them being accurately filled in.

Self-Employed Cleaners

If you have been with SelClene for more than six months and would like more hours then you may wish to consider going self-employed.

We can talk you through this process and help you get set up as self-employed.

If you would like to discuss this please call 01727 828877 and one of us can assist you.