Tips for keeping your floors clean

This time of year our floors can take a real battering from muddy footprints, with the family and pets traipsing through.

Here are some top tips for cleaning all different types of flooring.


Lino can be quite difficult to clean and dirt can become ingrained in it. Lino is made up of linseed oil, resin, limestone, wood fibre and cork, which are all natural products. Mix up a solution of washing up liquid and water, spray the lino in sections then wipe with a micro fibre cloth.


Laminate flooring is very popular but difficult to maintain the appearance. If water goes under the flooring this can start to ruin the look. Vacuum the laminate, picking up loose debris, then using a dry mop, clean the surface. To remove muddy marks use a damp cloth on the area, this will ensure no water goes under the flooring.