Top Tips to Blitz your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an area which have a high volume of traffic, here are some important tips to keep your bathroom sparkling!

Blitzing your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an area which we regularly clean, however sometimes it needs a little more attention, here are a few tips to help you do this.
Nothing worse than the shower head clogging up, regularly service this by placing in a plastic bag with white vinegar, leave overnight if possible, and you will see a noticeable difference when you have your next shower.

Its so annoying when the mirrors keep steaming up, this can be prevented, it’s unusual but try covering a mirror with shaving foam and use a microfibre cloth to remove it, repeat monthly and you will no longer have the mirrors fogging up in the bathroom.


To help keep the toilet bowl fresh and clean, before going to bed at night, put a good disinfectant around the bowl of the toilet, this can then work overnight giving you a fresh and clean toilet in the morning, and help to alleviate any limescale which may form.

Don’t forget to clean your toilet brush! This can easily be forgotten and is probably one of the most important. This needs cleaning at least once a week. Fill the brush container with hot, soapy water and add a few drops of bleach or disinfectant, place the brush into this mixture, then throw away down the toilet. Wash the brush with clean water and place back in the container.

Professional Cleaning

If you really want your bathroom blitzed by professionals then why not give us a call, we offer a one off deep clean of your property. This is an exceptionally thorough clean of your property, to include skirting boards, inside’s of windows, inside kitchen cupboards, all the grouting between tiles and much more, for more information on this service please contact us on 01727 828875